Contemporary, Stretch, & Acro


A free style of dancing that is not as restricted as classical ballet; movements are expressive of feelings, emotions and abstract ideas.

Sept 2017/June 2018 schedule 

ContemporaryTuesday 7:45


Dancers work on increasing range of motion and flexibility. No Choreography.

Sept 2017/June 2018 schedule 

StretchFriday 4:45 or Saturday 9:00
Stretch and Core ConditioningTuesday 3:30 or Wednesdays 5:45


This dance form combines jazz with gymnastics. Partner work, lifts, and acrobatic skills are the main focus.

Sept 2017/June 2018 schedule 

Level 1Saturday 11:00 or Friday 3:45
Level 2Saturday 12:00
Level 3Saturday 1:00
Level 4Friday 6:45
Festival (placement by audition during Summer School)Friday 5:45 and Saturday 10:00
Contortion/Tumbling ages 10+Saturday 2:00pm