Preschool Ballet

Over 30 years of teaching experience have gone into preparing classes that are lively and fun, but still encourage concentration, attention, and develop learning abilities. Co-ordination is worked on through dance movement, mime, ballet exercises and rhythmics. The atmosphere of a large school, with senior students training and rehearsing, is stimulation for young students. Viewing mirrors allow parents to watch the class in progress without disturbing the students. 3 year olds must be out of diapers.

Sept 2017/June 2018 schedule 

3 Year Olds (30 min) Saturday 9:00
4 Year Olds (45 min)Friday 4:00 or Saturday 9:30


Royal Academy of Dance Graded

The Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) is a worldwide organization that governs ballet through a series of graded exams.

For ballet to retain its vigor, it is vital to have professional classical ballet teachers, equipped with internationally recognized qualifications. The Royal Academy of Dance is the largest examining and teacher education organization for classical ballet in the world.

Ballet exams are a set of predefined steps, exercises and dances that students learn and practice throughout the year. Each year, students register for these formal exams through the recommendation of their teacher. There is an exam registration fee which ranges from $50.00 – $150.00. We request that the Royal Academy schedule our exams in April.

Ballet Apparel : The Royal Academy of Dance has strict apparel regulations. Please see Dress Code under General Information for specific grade requirements.

Sept 2017/June 2018 schedule 

Pre Primary ( 5 year old, kindergarten)Thursday 3:45 or Saturday 12:00

Primary ( 6 year old)Wednesday 4:45 or Saturday 1:00
Thursday 4:45
Grade 1 (7 year old) 1.5 hoursTuesday 4:15 or Saturday 10:15
Grade 2 (Students should be enrolled in two classes)Tuesday 3:45
Wednesday 3:45
Thursday 4:45
Friday 4:45
Grade 3 (Students should be enrolled in two classes)Monday 5:45
Wednesday 6:45
Thursday 7:45
Friday 6:45
Grade 4 (Students should be enrolled in two classes) Monday 6:45
Tuesday 4:45
Thursday 5:45
Friday 6:45
Grade 5 (Students should be enrolled in two classes)Monday 6:45
Wednesday 6:45
Thursday 7:45
Friday 6:45
Grade 6 (Students should be enrolled in two classes)Monday 7:45
Tuesday 4:45 Optional Beginner pointe Tuesday 3:45-4:15
Grade 7 (Students should be enrolled in two classes)Thursday 3:45
Friday 5:45
Grade 8 (Students should be enrolled in two classes)Monday 7:45
Friday 5:45

Royal Academy of Dance Vocational

The Vocational Graded Syllabus is the continuation of classical ballet training from the Academy’s Graded Syllabus. Each syllabus has been designed to give the necessary training to students wishing to study seriously, with a possible view to following a career in dance, or dance related subjects.

Open Ballet (Non-Syllabus) Gr 4-6Wednesday 3:45
Open Ballet (Non-Syllabus) Gr 7+ Wednesday 3:45
Intermediate FoundationsTuesday 7:45 and Thursday 6:45
IntermediateMonday 3:45 and Thursday 4:45
Advanced FoundationsMonday 3:45 and Thursday 6:45
Advanced 1Monday 5:45 and Wednesday 5:45


Sept 2017/June 2018 schedule 

Pointe Beginner (Grade 6 ballet)Tuesday 3:45-4:15
Pointe IntermediateMonday 4:45
Pointe Senior Monday 4:45